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Your partner in the transition to sustainable property maintenance.

Construction company Joorse Amsterdam: remodeling, renovation and maintenance for private individuals and property managers

From 1983, Bouwbedrijf Joorse has grown into a household name in Amsterdam. Our customers, from private individuals to VVE and from housing corporation to property manager, have known where to find us for almost 40 years when it comes to renovation, renovation and maintenance assignments.

Proud of who we are

Bouwbedrijf Joorse still exudes the atmosphere that founder Ton Joorse wanted to create in 1983: a small construction company with great qualities. We value the relationships with our customers, who have been loyal to us for almost four decades.

We still have the original ambition to be able to fully assist our customers with renovation and renovation work (some people call it very modern, also total unburdening). And we always will.

Read more about our company: flexible, creative, sustainable. And different from others.

Sustainable business

We do not see sustainability as a trend, but as a logical promise. We have been doing business sustainably since 1983 (although that term may not even have existed at the time). What do we mean by sustainable business? Ensure that we pass on the earth well, if possible better than now, to the future generation.

In addition, we ensure sustainability within our company by working together with our clients for as long as possible. We like to invest in a good relationship.

We are happy to tell you more about it.

What we do for you

Renovating, rebuilding, refurbishing, making sustainable and maintaining buildings. That is the core of our work. And we are specialized in transaction maintenance for investors and corporations.

Who we work for

From private individuals to building owners:
Construction company Joorse is happy to work for you

Whether as a private individual you are looking for a reliable construction company in Amsterdam for the renovation or refurbishment of your home, or as a building owner you are looking for a company that can sustainably maintain your property: at Bouwbedrijf Joorse we welcome you with open arms.

Watch and enjoy

Watch and enjoy some of the projects we have completed, then you will gain more insight into what we can do for you.

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