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About us

Flexible, creative, sustainable. Different than others. That's Joorse

Different than others. That is how we would prefer to describe our company ourselves. Of course we are basically a construction company, specialized in rebuilding, renovation and maintenance. We focus on that - that means that we specifically made the choice not to take on new construction projects.

That alone makes it clear: we are going our own way. The founder of our company, Ton Joorse, already did this in 1983.

Real estate maintenance company with complete package

For years Ton (then 30 years old) enjoyed working as a bricklayer for various bosses. Nice work, but he was missing something. He noticed that none of his employers - and actually no construction company he knew - did what we nowadays so fashionably call "total unburdening".

Indeed. We may not be able to imagine it now, but there was no real estate maintenance company in the 1980s. Ton saw the possibilities and decided to put his money where his mouth was. That's what he wanted to do: offer a complete package for property managers and owners.

In 1983 he decided to live his dream: freedom, no longer working for a boss, but being your own boss. From major maintenance and renovation to the complete renovation of (commercial) buildings and homes. He wanted to do this with a permanent small team of professionals, so that he could work flexibly

This method is still alive in our company, even after son Dennis took over the business from his father in 2019. Construction company Joorse is still a financially healthy company with no obligations to third parties. We are proud of it.

Good relationships are part of the success

What is our strength? That we do our work in our own way, but always in good consultation and in close contact with our clients, such as property managers, owners' associations, investors, housing corporations and private individuals.

We value a good relationship with our customers. That is another reason why we can be a sustainable company, because customers come back to us because of that good relationship (and because we deliver good work). We have been working like this for almost 40 years. In and around Amsterdam.

Sustainability is in our fibers

Our aim is to be virtually CO2 neutral within a maximum of 5 years. By electrifying our fleet in the long term, by installing solar panels on the roofs of our building and by working as much as possible with sustainable, circular materials.

Above all, we want to be a reliable partner for our clients in the field of renovation and maintenance. That is also a way of sustainability. We always strive for the perfect end result for both small, simple projects and large, complex assignments.


Because we can offer you the complete package of activities and because our employees are both specialists and generalists, you only have to deal with one party. This way you always know who to turn to with questions or complaints. And even if it sounds like a cliché, the following applies to us: a deal is a deal.

Heart for the business

We are a small company that works with a fixed group of people. Each and every one of our people has craftsmanship, but above all they have a heart for the business. They are proud to work for Bouwbedrijf Joorse and Bouwbedrijf Joorse are proud to work for us. They are happy to go the extra mile for our company and for our customers. In this way we form a close, socially engaged team of professionals.

Together we are proud of the clients we work for and the assignments we are allowed to carry out. In the almost 40 years that Bouwbedrijf Joorse has now been working in Amsterdam and the surrounding area, we have been able to adapt to market demand time and again. Perhaps that flexibility is our great strength.