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Renovation and maintenance for property managers and individuals

Our expert employees specialize in the renovation, renovation and maintenance of various buildings: commercial buildings, retail properties and other utility buildings, but also homes. On request, we tackle projects from A to Z.

We actively advise our customers on materials to be used, preferably using circular materials or other sustainable products.

Home improvement

We carry out maintenance work, renovations and rebuilding assignments for private customers as well as for associations of owners (VVEs), housing corporations and investors.

In doing so, we solve structural defects and we also look at improving homes. For example, how can we make houses more sustainable? We consult with residents and owners and see what can be done in the short term and what is needed in the long term. We can be engaged by a single private customer as well as for multiple homes in, for example, a street or neighborhood.

Clients also engage us when it comes to post-insulation of homes - for example to make them more sustainable or to meet current energy performance standards. We provide roofs, facades (cavity) and floors with (new) insulation.

Property maintenance and renovation

We act as a permanent maintenance company for owners of business premises or other real estate.

Activities we carry out in this respect:

• Demolition work
• Plumbing
• Electricity
• Stucco and tiling
• Painting
• General carpentry
• Roof renovation
• Placing new doors, frames and kitchens

Mutation maintenance

Landlords, corporations or owners of real estate engage us for so-called change maintenance. In that case, we prepare the home or building for the next tenant. For example, between two rental periods we ensure that the building meets the current safety requirements and the current standards again with various activities.

Examples of activities for change maintenance:

• Replace or repair kitchen unit
• Replace or repair tile work in the bathroom
• Replace or repair plumbing
• Check, replace or repair hinges and locks
• Gas and electricity inspecting and adjusting if necessary
• Carry out other constructional matters so that the house or building is ready for use and up-to-date again

Daily maintenance

We solve various issues for clients. We carry out repairs and resolve complaints from residents and users of the property.

Attention, quality and service are central to Bouwbedrijf Joorse employees.

Bouwbedrijf Joorse always has a professional available to deal with calamities for you.

Examples of maintenance activities:

• Detecting and repairing leaks
• Solve and eliminate burglary damage
• Repairing damage to the interior finish
• Solve other defects
• Clearing blockages


Detecting and solving building physics problems

Landlords, corporations or owners of real estate regularly call in us to solve long-term building physics problems. We conduct specialist research into, for example, leaks, the indoor climate or moisture problems, together we look for the best solution. Bouwbedrijf Joorse relieves you of your worries and repairs the consequential damage that has arisen to the property. Mail or call us for more information.

Examples of some of the studies we have conducted.

  • Investigate indoor climate with mold as a result
  • Investigate leakage
  • Research noise pollution

Circular and refurbished building material

We do not hesitate to reuse used materials. From doors and locks to sanitary facilities, from used wood for window frames to paving stones.

We work together with other suppliers for these so-called refurbished materials. We refurbish discarded materials, whereby a good separated waste flow is of course very important. This way we can even work cradle-to-cradle (C2C).