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Sustainable entrepreneurship in all facets: very normal for us

Sustainability has been in the genes of Bouwbedrijf Joorse from the start of our company. Sustainability in all facets of the word. We not only work with circular materials (preferably cradle-to-cradle) and strive for energy neutrality, for us sustainability also means that we prefer to enter into a long-term, or better: permanent, relationship with our customers.

We can only achieve this by ensuring that we carry out every assignment we receive as carefully as possible. For us, this means: high-quality work for a fair price, whereby we honor agreements. Our customers know us as a reliable and solution-oriented company. And we want to keep it that way.

Durable materials

We work with sustainable materials as much as possible. Unfortunately, most homes and other buildings are not yet sustainable, circular and green built, but good steps are being taken nowadays. We want to be a frontrunner in that regard.

We like to use recycled and reusable materials. Doors, frames, bricks and other products that we use come as much as possible from other construction projects, where they are no longer needed or are no longer used. But we can often still use them perfectly in our projects. In this way we ensure together with you that no unnecessary raw materials and building materials are lost.

Green business operations

Construction company Joorse will work in an increasingly sustainable, greener and environmentally friendly way in the near future. After all, we not only want to ensure a more sustainable use of buildings through our construction activities, but in general ensure that we pass on the earth properly to the future generation.



What are our environmentally friendly ambitions?

  • Solar panels on the roof of our business premises
  • Make our fleet electric
  • Consciously weigh all future investments: are they environmentally friendly or not?